middle field | 1 | transect

The middle field maintenance series begins by mowing a series of transects to document the baseline population ecology of the site for comparison against future experiments.  Of course, very reminiscent of Richard Long’s transects, they are at least functional and so hopefully come off a little less imitative.

the central transect looking up from the marsh

Unable to be registered in these photos is the surprise one experiences when stumbling upon these transects because they remain completely hidden behind the relative height difference of the surrounding field.  Four transects cross the landscape in the above photo.  While I normally attempt to abstain from its (over)use,  the microtopography of contrasting grass heights might be considered as a sculptural analog to the hedge or topiary with formal potential beyond the typical lawn/meadow juxtaposition.

the dominant alternate axis crossing

While not straight enough for Versailles, the shift in the mow path records the intuitive direction and mechanical struggle when encountering cross slope, with its own microtopographic nuances as revealed under the close trim.  While the landscape is rarely experienced in section, the transect is perhaps the closest physical manifestation of that essential projection.

the dominant cross axis


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